PSF Client Reviews

"I had a wonderful experience with the PSF stylist. I immediately felt comfortable when she arrived. We first sat down and discussed my personal style, career, and hobbies. We then went through my closet and gathered clothes and shoes she believed did not fit me well. I was impressed with how well she directed me and got a feel for my personal style so quickly. I was able to organize my closet in a way that I couldn’t do on my own. 

After I was feeling accomplished by cleaning and organizing my closet we began to grab different items and created numerous outfits. By the end of our two-hour session we had created 15 new outfits in my closet that I otherwise didn’t know existed. Overall, it was an extremely positive experience and I would recommend it to the women of New York. I was able to save money by creating outfits with pieces that I already had in my closet." - Lauren, NYC


“Living in New York City, closet space is limited, and for someone who loves to shop it’s easy to overfill your closet with trendy items you only wear once then toss to the back.  So having a PSF stylist come over to do a closet clean edit was the perfect solution.  My stylist was fantastic, and she really took the time to understand my personal style, work style, and ideal style goals.    

Initially we spent some time going through my closet and pulling out the items I wear on a regular basis, then we sorted through the remainder of my closet.  It was great to get a fresh perspective on the clothes I already own.  From there my stylist helped create and photograph outfits I would have never thought to put together myself (all the way down to the accessories-which I underutilized until now!)  My stylist also recommended some staple pieces that I could add to complete my curated closet.  Once the closet edit was over it was so nice to sit back and realize I can no longer say I have nothing to wear!” - Tonia, NYC


"I booked a stylist when I was switching jobs. Coming from a very corporate environment, I was having a total panic attack over how to dress professional yet effortlessly casual while hoping to avoid dry cleaning at all costs. I'm not much of a shopper and didn't want to spend a bunch of time revamping my wardrobe.  My stylist was my hero. She came to my apartment, asked me a couple of questions about the look I was going for, and then we got right down to business. She dove into my closet, and within an hour, I had two bags full of clothes to give away. On top of that, she helped me put together an entire set of outfits out of things I never would have thought to wear together. Somehow, I got 10 new outfits by getting ride of 2 bags of clothing. Most importantly, the whole experience was casual and fun. My PSF Stylist made me feel totally comfortable while still being honest when something in my closet didn't flatter. I explained my dislike of shopping to my stylist, and at the end of our session, she gave me a short list of 5 articles of clothing that would round out my wardrobe and suggestions on where to find them. Basically, in the course of 1 hour I got rid of tons of clutter, got a bunch of new outfit ideas, only had to go to 1 store afterward, and actually started having fun getting dressed in the morning." - Brianna, NYC