The PSF Purpose




At Personal Style Finder we believe everyone deserves to look and feel their best every single day. Our goal is to empower women to walk out the door feeling confident and ready to share themselves and their ideas with the world.  

PSF is a place where women come to find reputable stylists, and to gain access to our powerful technology, which makes the process of gettind dressed nearly effortless.

Our motto, Dressed Not Stressed.

PSF Stylists are not focused on pushing the latest trend. They work with each woman to cultivate and celebrate her own personal style.



Our incredible roster of PSF Stylists are passionate about helping women on the rise elevate their lives.  This could mean, getting a promotion, dressing for a new body, landing a new job, feeling good when out with friends or pitching their latest idea to a room of investors.  

Working with a PSF Stylist is about creating a new kind of lifestyle.  A lifestyle where you look good and feel confident, so you can go  out and do great things.