Founding Story

Personal Style Finder (PSF) was created to solve a very specific problem: the frustrated feeling when you stand in front of your closet and decide you have nothing to wear.

 “Nothing to wear” means different things to different people. It could mean:

  1. You’ve started a new job and don’t have anything that feels appropriate
  2. Your body has changed and things don’t fit right
  3. You’re sick of wearing the same outfits over and over again
  4. Your clothes feel old, boring, or out of style

PSF evolved when one of our co-founders (Kelsi) started a new corporate job and quickly realized she didn’t have a wardrobe to match.

As a result, she spent over 30 minutes every day trying on different clothes, getting frustrated, and always running late.

Working with her husband (Tyson) and her friend (John), they began piecing together the different components of the PSF platform:

  1. In-Person stylists who truly get to know you. They help cultivate and refine your style, establish your goals, and create a wardrobe that reflects your best self
  2. Digital platform that organizes your wardrobe, suggests outfits every day, and acts as a surrogate stylist in between your in-person visits
  3. Community of brands and support staff that ensure you have the best experience possible

In case you were wondering, once Kelsi began using the PSF platform her daily 30-minute outfit-selection-routine shrank to a miniscule 3 minutes…just in time for her to quit her corporate job and work on PSF full-time.