Most of our clients have never worked with a stylist before. Here are some of the questions they've asked us:

(Q) Why is it important to work with a stylist in-person? 

(A) All good outfits have one thing in common...they fit perfectly! In-person stylists are the only way to ensure the items in your wardrobe fit you like they should.

(Q) How do you select your stylists?

(A) All PSF stylists must be full-time professional fashion stylists...no hobbyists here. In addition, they must have a specific number of years in the industry and an established portfolio of work.

(Q) What happens if I need to reschedule my appointment?

(A) Not to worry. Just shoot us an email at info@personalstylefinder.com and we will work to find a new time that works better for you. 

(Q) Hiring a stylist seems expensive. Is it worth it? 

(A) We've found that our clients are not only more satisfied with their daily outfits, but they actually save money over the long-run because they shop with purpose and have less wasteful spending