Working with a stylist is personal, which means it should happen in-person.
Your style, your taste, your clothes. Helping you
create a wardrobe you'll actually wear.

How It Works

Step No. 1

Take the Style Quiz

We want to get to know you, your style, taste and goals.


Maybe you’re considering a career move? Or your body recently changed? Perhaps you are tired of your wardrobe or are wanting to fine tune your style. The PSF Style Quiz helps us learn your current style and frustrations.


Step No. 2

Book Your Stylist

Once you’ve been paired with a PSF Stylist, it’s time to schedule your Style Consultation.


Based on your results from the PSF Style Quiz, we’ll match you with one of our amazing PSF Stylists. From here, you’ll be given access to their calendar where you can book your Style Consultation.


Step No. 3

Meet in Your Closet

Your appointment is booked and you’ve met your PSF Stylist. You are well on your way to a new kind of lifestyle!


Any good relationship is built on a strong foundation. PSF Stylists are experts at getting up close and personal with you and your closet.


What We Do

Style Consultation

The Style Consultation sets the foundation for all future sessions with your PSF Stylist. You will gain a clear understanding of what looks best on you and how to align the way you dress with your personal and professional goals.

During this appointment you and your stylist will begin to build out your PSF Profile by determining your Style Guidelines. You will also get a glimpse into the Closet Edit appointment as you put together a couple of seasonal looks from your existing inventory to upload to your Digital Wardrobe.

The Style Consultation will also help to determine whether a Closet Edit or Shop is the best next step for you.

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Closet Edit

A seasonal Closet Edit is key to saving yourself time and effort when getting ready in the morning. During this appointment, your PSF Stylist will help organize your closet and create a wardrobe full of go-to looks.

After your Closet Edit is finished, your stylist will update your PSF Profile with the images for your Digital Wardrobe and all notes from your appointment.

Once your PSF Profile is complete, you will also begin to receive outfit suggestions from your Digital Wardrobe to your inbox, every morning. It’ll feel like your PSF Stylist never left!

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During your Style Consultation or Closet Edit, you and your stylist may discover holes in your wardrobe or pieces that need refreshing. Notes of these strategic investment opportunities will be kept in your PSF Profile for you to reference at any time.

Scheduling a Shop with your PSF Stylist is great for both filling wardrobe gaps and preparing for special occasions (vacations, events, birthday, etc.). Eliciting the help of your stylist who knows your body, taste and existing wardrobe, makes the shopping experience much more strategic and minimizes the risk of impulse buying.

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